Testimonials 2012 thru 2016


  •         7-14-2016         CANCERS GONE, LIVERS HEALED, TUMORS GONE, DIABETES GONE, TORMENTING NIGHTMARES GONE, NEW JOBS HAVE COME, PAIN GONE !!!!!…….   I haven’t updated this Testimony page in a while.  We have been seeing more BIG miracles than ever before!!!  We prayed for a baby in her mother’s womb recently.   The doctors said she had a tumor on her brain.  When the baby was birthed, the tumor was gone!!!!!!

*                8-6-2015           BACK PAIN, GONE!!!!     A worker at a restaurant was in a lot of pain.  Prayed, and then he got real quiet.  He was so surprised because all of his back was gone!!!!!!     Thank You Jesus!!!!!!!!

*               8-6-2015            LEG, ANKLE AND HIP PAIN, GONE!!!!!!    I went to check on the owner of the Pizza Restaurant whom I had prayed for on 7-29.   His hips were good, but had a little pain still there and had some leg and ankle pain.   After the prayer, all of his pain was gone!!!!!!   Thank You Jesus!!!!!!

*               8-6-2015           SHARP BACK PAIN, GONE!!!!!!       The manager at an Auto shop had very sharp pain in his back.  Prayed, and then he started to cry.  All the pain was gone!!!!  He was sooooo thankful!!!!!   Praise God!!!

*               7-29-2015         SEVERE HIP, LEG PAIN, GONE!!!!!!     Prayed for an owner of a Pizza restaurant.  He had an appointment to go to a pain doctor today.  All of his pain vanished,  amazing!!!!!!!!    PRAISE GOD, JEHOVAH RALPHA, “THE GOD WHO HEALS HEALS”!!!!!!!!!!

*               7-29-2015         WAITRESS FOOT PAIN, GONE!!!!!!    This waitress had done us a favor, so we asked if she had any pain.  She said she had foot pain.  Jesus took ALL of her pain away!!!!!!!!       THANK YOU JESUS, OUR HEALER!!!!!!!!!!

*              7-27-2015           PAIN WHERE CANCER WAS, GONE!!!!!!!!      Prayed for this lady who is in ministry who had cancer.  She had lost most of her hair.   After the prayer, she said that the pain where her cancer was, disappeared!!!!!!      We will have to hear about what happened to the cancer.   THANK YOU JESUS, OUR HEALER!!!!!!

*             7-25-2015               KNEE PAIN, GONE!!!!!!!     A very nice cashier at a store had knee pain, after the prayer, all the pain was gone!!!!!!!!    THANK YOU JESUS, OUR HEALER!!!!!!!!

*             7-24-2015               KNEE PAIN, GONE!!!!!!       A young worker at McDonalds had knee pain, after the prayer, pain gone!!!!!!!      THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!   YOU ARE OUR HEALER!!!!!!!!!!

*              7-14-2015        KNEE HEALED AND HEALING IMPARTATION!!!!    As soon as the prayer for the awakening of the heart of Jesus, the pain in his knee left immediately!!!  He was really, really excited about the impartation for healing!!!!   Can’t wait to hear his testimonies!!!!

*             7-12-2015       AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE ATTACKING HIS MUSCLES, GREATLY IMPROVED!!!!!!    A young man struggled with weakness in his muscles from the disease.   His eye that was closed opened up and he could see details, he had a very difficult going up the stairs because of the weakness and pain, was running up the stairs with no pain…..     PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!

*            7-8-2015       SET FREE!!!!!    Prayed for gentleman for an absolute awakening of the heart of Jesus inside of him.   On Sunday,  at his church, he went forward, together with his wife to lay hands on people because of his new-found freedom!  He had never done this before.  He was a quiet and reserved kind of guy.   Freedom with boldness has come on him!!!!!!!!     PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!

*           7-3-2015    PARKINSON’S,  AMAZING HEALING AND EXPERIENCES THE HEAVENLY REALM!!!!!!   A gentleman has been struggling with very poor health including: Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart problems…  Much of his tremors  left,  his sight greatly improved, when he walked, he dragged his left foot, this stopped and he now walks without any dragging; he hiked up a mountain, he hadn’t done that in years; His  equilibrium has greatly improved;  but the greatest miracle was his experiencing the Father’s Love, his heavenly visions, and he said that he felt like he had been “awakened” like never before!!!!   PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!

*           6-29-2015      BROKEN FINGER, PAIN GONE!!!!     The lady helping me at the AAA office had a broken little finger on her writing hand.  It hurt a lot all the time especially it was on her writing hand.  She said she needed surgery.  All the pain left her!!!!!!!    She was very happy!!!   Blessed her new heart of Jesus and she felt very good!!!!!

*          6_29-2015      STUBBED TOE, PAIN GONE!!!!!       I was helping a friend of mine move and told him about the lady above getting her finger healed, he asked me to pray for his painful stubbed toe.   As we were working he hit his toe against the wall and he said that it didn’t hurt at all!   His wife said the discolorization from the bruising was gone too!!!!    THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!

*          6-11-2015       VERY PAINFUL ARTHRITIS IN HIP, PAIN ALMOST ALL GONE!  After getting him baptized in the Spirit and baptized in the Father’s Love, he saw himself in Jesus, in heaven, already healed!

*         6-9-2015         EAR-ACHE AND LOTS OF PAIN IN BODY, GONE!!!!!!    Person got healed over the phone.   Had her look away from the trouble and anxiety going on in her life, like turning the channel of TV.  We turned on the Glory and Paradise and she saw herself in Jesus already healed.  Ear-ache and pain was gone!!!!!!

*        6-4-2015          BAD HEADACHE, GONE!!!!!!!!       A friend called who had a very important business meeting later in the day but had a very bad headache.  The Spirit poured the Feather’s Love into her.  When the prayer was over, the headache was gone!!!!!!!   Thank You Jesus!!!!!!

*       6-4-2015           TWO PEOPLE WITH LOTS OF BACK PAIN, PAIN GONE!!!!!       I was sitting next to these two people while at restaurant.  I overheard them talking about their pain in their backs.  Especially the man was saying that the doctor wouldn’t do something with his medication.  I offered to pray for them and both said all of their pain was gone!!!   Thank You Jesus!!!!!!!!!

*      5-25-2015         MAN NEEDS TRIPLE BY-PASS SURGERY.    Took this man into the glory where sickness, heart disease does not exist.  He connected this, saw himself completely healed in the glory.  He went home that evening, and felt very hot!!!!!   He turned on the ceiling fan, but still felt very hot!  The next morning when he got out of bed, there was no back pain, he said he always has back pain in the morning.  He then made his bed and usually always feels pressure in his heart and has to take a nitro-glycerin pill every morning.  He felt no pain in his heart and didn’t take a pill!!!!!!   We will have more to report on this on!

*       May 2015  In like three days, early in the month, saw a shoulder healed, this guy said he didn’t even believe in God;  a friend called in excruciating sciatica pain down her back and leg.  She was almost in tears, the pain was so bad, all of her just left!  Another person at church had severe back pain, couldn’t go out of the house the day before, all of his pain just left!!!!!

*           2015      ENCOUNTERING THE GLORY REALM!       By praying for a lot of people over the phone and helping them see and encounter the glory realm of heaven where pain, infirmity, lack… does not exist.   We are seeing miracles in relationships, in the body….   People are experiencing and manifesting the heavenly realm!  This is what the Lord wants us to do:  create the environment of heaven so He can move on His people and heal them in every area of their lives, especially their new heart, where all the issues of life flow from.

*             2014           SON ALMOST DIED!      We spent a lot of time ministering in Gallup New Mexico.  We saw lots of miracles there of every type.  One that really stood out was while we were ministering to the homeless, a man stopped by because he saw our Miracle Healing Love sign.  His son was just in a very bad bicycle accident in Denver and was on his way to see, him.  The doctors didn’t know if he would live.  He was very close to death.  We prayed for a total and complete miracle to manifest.  This was on a Friday.  On the next Monday morning, very early, we got a call from the dad saying that his son was miraculously completely healed and was checking out of the hospital right then.   The doctors were completely amazed and were taking pictures of him calling him “Superman”, “Man of Steel”.

*           October 2014   BACK HEALED FROM BULLET!   We were seeing a lot of healings at the Flea Market in Gallup, especially with eyes.  The Pastor at the church service asked me to come up and share so of the testimonies during the service.  I felt led to ask people with metal in their body to stand up for healing.  At the church in Beaumont, CA a couple years ago, everybody with metal in their bodies got healed.  So at first, a lady said that her hand with carpal tunnel was being healed.  Then, on the stage, there was a lot of commotion.  One of the drummers, who had had a bullet in His back for over 25 years, with severe pain, walked with a limp and a cane, got completely healed!!!!!!!   ALL of his pain left and he was running and jumping, NO PAIN!!!!!!    The Worship leader, who was pregnant, needed a filling in her mouth, got the tooth healed as well!!!!!!!

*           October  2014     PAIN AND DEPRESSION LIFTED!      A young gal at gas station needed healing for pain all through her body and her depression.     She said all the pain left and she said she felt very light, like she was being lifted up and floating.  She felt very peaceful!  A few days later, another young gal described what she felt in almost the exact same way!!!!

*             2014     JESUS IS THE HEALER!!!!!!!!!    Lots and lots of more miracles, just like these took place!   A gal at a gas station got healed of all her back pain.  She told me:  “You’re awesome”!  I told her to look at my hands, there were no scars there, nor would she see them on my feet.  I told her that Jesus was her Healer, not me!  Jesus purchased her healing, not me!  I told her that could thank me for releasing Jesus onto her, but all the praise for the healing goes to Jesus!!!!


*       9-15-2013        CAN SEE THE GLORY AND SENSE THE JOY OF THE LORD!       A lady at the church service could not see or sense anything in the Spirit realm.   There was a  lot of blockage.    She got baptized in the Holy Spirit and after that she started to sense the Joy of the Lord in a deep way and see could see into the glory of the Lord!   It was was good to see the transformation!

*       9-16-2013           WRIST HEALED AT STORE!!!!!!    I saw a lady with an ace bandage on her wrist while at KMart.  After the prayer, she said all of her pain was gone!!!!!!

*         9-15-2013            HEADACHES, GONE!!!!      At a church service, a lady came forward for prayer.  She had reoccurring headaches that seemed almost never to go away.   Tony, Fred and myself layed hands on her her and prayed.   Her head ache was gone!!!!!!

*         9-9-2013          ACHILLES HEEL FEELS MUCH BETTER!!!!!     A lady at the Taco Shop had her heel wrapped up in an ace bandage.  She said she was in a lot of pain.  I asked her on a scale of 1-10 where was her pain.  She said, “twenty”.   Needless to say, she was hurting!   I prayed three times and almost all of her pain was gone!   She was so grateful for the healing!   PRAISE  GOD!!!!!!

*        9-5-2013         SHOULDER PAIN HEALED!!!!!!       A young sister from our church wanted to practice and get confidence in healing.   We saw a lady in a wheel chair and asked her if we could pray for her.  She said she had bad shoulder pain.   The young sister prayed and pain level went down to below a one, only a slight pain!!!!!!   We were all excited!!!!!

*         9-5-2013        MUCH PAIN IN BODY, GONE!!!!!!!      The same young sister prayed for this guy who looked homeless.  He had pain in his neck, shoulder, hip and knee.   The sister prayed, and all of pain left immediately!!!!!!!!      PRAISE GOD!!!!!!

*         9-8-2013         GOING TO EMERGENCY ROOM FOR PROSTRATE PROBLEM!    A brother of a friend called me for prayer on the way to the emergency room because he was in a lot of pain and couldn’t urinate for some time.  After the prayer, he said he felt much better.  I found later that he was able to urinate shortly after the prayer!!!!!!!    PRAISE GOD!!!!!!

*        9-8-2013         MAN ON DEATH BED, DOING GOOD!      The same friends called me a day or two later about their dying uncle.   The doctors told the family that he probably would not make through the day.   They called me and we prayed.    I found out the other day that their uncle is doing good and off the ventilator machine!!!!  ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!!!   NOTHING TO HARD FOR GOD!!!!!!!

*         9-2-2013       MANY MIRACLES AT NAVAJO NATION!!!!!
–   Lady with hives for six months, healed!!!!   She had a very bad case of the hives for six months.  Her skin was very irritated and itchy.   After the prayer, the itchiness went away.  We saw her two days later and her skin was clear of all redness!!!!   She brought her sister for prayer who had the hives for a month.   Her itchiness left after the prayer!!!!! PRAISE   GOD!!!!!

–  A lady in the tent next to ours at the Flea Market was in a foot cast/boot.   Her pain was a seven.   All her pain left immediately after the prayer!!!!!!!!

–  A lady with shoulder and back pain came to us.   She said all of her pain lifted off and she said that new life came into her and her son!!!!!

–  Another lady with very bad back and shoulder pain came to us.   All of her pain was gone!!!!!!

–  A man came to us who was drunk.  We prayed for him and got him baptized in the Holy Spirit!  He became sober and was Praising God with enthusiasm!!!!   He was filled with Love and prayed for others!!!!!

–  A man with knee pain stopped by.   Pain Gone!!!!!!

–  A man stopped by who had pain all through his body.   He had pins in his joints.   All of his pain gone!!!!!!   It was amazing!!!!!!

–  A lady stopped by with back pain, it all left!!!!!

–  A man with a bad sex addiction stopped by for a sandwich   After talking to him for awhile, we asked him if we could pray for him.   He said yes.    He got born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit and he said that during the prayer that he felt something lift off him!!!!!

–  There were many more healings, people getting born again, people being set free, people receiving the Father’s Love, people getting revelation of their new heart in Christ…….    It was an amazing time with the Navajo people!!!!    We are going to be a part of the Father’s big move on His people in the revealing of His heart in Gallup!    PRAISE GOD!!!!!!

*         8-25-2013       SEVERE BACK PAIN FOR OVER 12 YEARS, GONE!!!!!!!    A friend met this lady was in pain.  She said she has had pain 24 hours a day for over twelve years.  Something to do with the “sympathetic nervous system”.   Over the phone, I prayed.  When finished praying she said she felt very good!   I asked her if she had any pain, she said she felt very good!   Three times she said this!   She was very happy and grateful!!!!!!!    Praise God!!!!!!

*       8-24-2013       SEVERE BACK PAIN FOR 38 YEARS, GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!       A friend of mine saw a lady at her complex who was in extreme pain to the point of almost crying.  She had a big back brace on.    The lady told her she has back pain since 1975, she just had surgery about eight months ago, she had a fractured bone in her back, her bones and cartilage were getting degenerated and weaker, and she had three bulging discs all in a row, was living on constant pain pills, she had to wear a brace when she went outside and lived on ice when she was home.  After the prayer, over the phone, she said with great enthusiasm that all of her pain was gone!!!!!!!    She called me back later that evening and told me she went to her car without her brace and carried in all of her groceries with no pain!!!!!    She praising the Lord!!!!!!   BY HIS STRIPES, YOU HAVE BEEN HEALED!!!!!!!!   She received her healing!!!!!!!!    God is SOOOOOOOOO    GOOD!!!!!!!     Hallelujah!!!!!!!

*         8-19-2013       BACK PAIN, GONE!!!!!!      Holy Spirit prompted me to ask this lady at Target’s snack bar if she had pain in her body.  She said yes, that she had back pain all the time.   After the prayer, the prayer, the pain was gone!     Praise God!!!!!!

*           8-19-2013        YOUNG MAN IN NECK BRACE AND ARM SLING FEELS A LOT BETTER!!!!     While still at Target, I saw this young man with a neck brace, sling and was limping.  He had been in a car accident.  After the prayer, he said he felt better.  I asked him again how he felt, and he said I feel better!!!!     Praise God!!!!!!

*       8-14-2013        HEALING AND DEEPLY TOUCHED BY THE SPIRIT!!!!!!!!         Prayed for a friend who had her six back surgeries.  She was in a lot of pain all through her body.   She got baptized in the Spirit and starting seeing into the Spirit realm and had a very powerful encounter with God!!!!  It was awesome!!!    She noticed that her hand had feeling in her palms.   She had carpal tunnel and had no feeling on the inside of her hands.  She was very excited her feeling come back.   The pain in her back decreased as well!   Very powerful move of God in her heart!!!!  Praise God!!!!!

8-14-2013       MAN GETS A JOB TWO HOURS AFTER THE PRAYER!!!!!         Prayed for my friend’s friend for a job.   He had been sending out resume’s and calling but couldn’t get a job for months.   Two hours after the prayer at 5:30pm, a company calls and offers him a job.  This was amazing and it is a good job with good pay!!!!   God is SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!

*       8-8-2013           NO MORE PAIN!!!!    A gal came to the tent with pain in her jaw, neck and shoulders.   As we were talking and ministering to another young man about the River of Life flowing through us, she said much of her pain had left.   Then we had her turn off all thoughts of this world and totally enter into the heavenly realm of perfect and complete Joy, Love and healing!  We are already there in the Spirit and we just help people to realize and abide in this realm of glory.   The more she drank of the River of Delights the better she felt.   She just kept drinking as we ministered to the young man.  When she left the tent, she said her pain was gone!!!!   She just set her heart on the heavenly realm and turned off all thoughts of this world!!!   Praise God!!!

*              8-2-2013         ARTHRITIS HAND HEALED!!!!       A friend brought his mom to a service and wanted me to pray for his mom’s hand.  Her hand had bad arthritis pain and was curled up, she could not straighten out her hand.   I had my friend put his hands on his mom’s hands, and I put my hands on his.  I prayed mostly for the Father’s love to flood her heart with lasting power.  She didn’t understand much English, but she received her healing in the Spirit!  As we were praying, my friend could feel his mom’s hands straighten out!!!   She said all of her pain was gone when we were done!!!!    Praise God!!!!!!!

*         8-1-2013          BAD KNEE HEALED!!!!!   While talking to the manager of a restuarant today, he was telling me of his knee problems.   He had two knee replacements and six surgeries on his knee and said the pain was at a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.   He said he is on his feet 12 to 13 hours a shift when he works and was always in pain.   After I prayed, I asked how he felt.   He said he felt a lot of heat in the knee.  I told him that was the Holy Spirit and He was healing him.   When I left the restaurant later, I asked him how the knee was feeling.   He said it felt very good and no pain was there.  He said it was a miracle!!!!!!!!!    God is so Good!!!!!!!!

7-30-2013       ANKLE HEALED!!!!!    While I was walking at the harbor, I noticed this guy was limping pretty bad.  I asked him if I could pray for him.   He said yes and said his ankle was in pain.   After the prayer, all the pain was gone!!!    Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!

7-30-2013       EYE MIRACLE!!!!!         A friend of mine called and asked for prayer for her daughter.  She was in Norway and thought she was putting eye drops in her eye, but because of the language problem, it turned out to be acid!   As her eye was burning, they took her to the hospital.   Her mom called me.   We prayed for a miracle.   She was suppose to go to her cousins wedding the next day.  They wrapped her eye, they said the acid had burned the top layers on the eye.   When they took off the bandages the next day, they were amazed that she could see already!   Normally they said it takes at least 3 to 4 days for the eye to see and then that it is blurry.   She could see with no blurriness and went to the wedding!!!!    AMAZING   GOD!!!!!!!!!

*         7-20-2013            LIVES CHANGING WITH THE 10 MINUTE WORSHIP!!!!!!    Several people have told me that their lives are changing and they are experiencing the Lord’s presence and glory more as they worship and thank God every 10 minutes!!!!   The GYM BOSS TIMER is really helping people to do this!  The Timer is a reminder to me on how much the Father Loves me and that we are seated in heaven, perfected and glorified, as Jesus is!   Hallelujah!!!!      There will be many more testimonies coming from those who are using the Timer and worshiping and Praising God every 10 minutes!!!!!

*          7-12-2013            LEG HEALED OVER THE PHONE!!!!     A friend a very bad leg, hip and knee pain.   I just blessed his leg over the phone.   He told me later that as soon as I blessed his leg, all of his pain was gone!  A couple days later the pain tried to come back, he started to Praise and thank the Lord and the pain has stayed away!!!!

*         7-2013     LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!!!!!      A lady entered into the heavenly realm during the prayer very deeply.   She told her friend that it was a life changing experience!!!!

*        7-2013            ANXIETY LIFTED!!!!!       Prayed for a friend’s friend over the phone.  She had lots of anxiety and problems!   The Father’s Love for her came pouring into my heart in a very powerful way!    She felt so much peace, joy and love when we were done!   She went to her psychologist about five days later.  The psychologist kept telling her how good she looked because she was smiling so much!!!   She encountered the Love of God in a powerful way!!!!!!    Praise God!!!!!!

7-6-2013               MIGRAINE  AND HEADACHE HEALED!!!!!    One lady had a migraine and as we entered into the heavenly realm, her migraine went away!   Another lady at the meeting had a headache, which I did not know, and she said her headache went away!   She was filled with incredible Peace!

*       7-2013         CONTRACTOR FRIEND HAS BEST FINANCIAL EVER!!!!!!!         We have been blessing my friends company, owner and all the other contractors that everyone would prosper!  He had the best month in sales he has ever had, by far is what he said!!!!!!   “I have plans to prosper you”!!!!!!!!!!!  Praise God!!!!!!

7-19-2013           CLERK AT STORE BACK GETS HEALED!!!!!!!        I asked this gal at the market if she wanted prayer for her painful back.   She looked at me like I was weird.   I told her that God does miracles and would heal her.   She reluctantly agreed.   Her back didn’t change much at all right then.   I saw her a couple days later, she had a big smile and said her back was a lot better!!!!!!!

*        6-17-2013            CLOUD AND FOG IN HER MIND, GONE!!!!!!       While talking to a couple while pumping gas, I asked if they needed prayer.  The wife said she was starting to suffer from Alzheimer.  She said she had a fog and cloud constantly in her mind.   After the prayer, she said the cloud and fog were gone!!!!!    It seemed so natural!  So  easy with God!!!!    Praise His Name!!!!!!!

*         6-17-2013    LOTS OF PAIN, AND SHE FEELS MUCH BETTER!!!!!       A lady stopped by the tent with a lot of pain.  She said she had FMF, I believe.  Where the blood vessels burst, and they hit the nerve endings.  She had a lot of shoulder pain as well.   After the prayer, the pain in her stomach was almost completely gone and her shoulder pain was less!!!!

*         6-18-2013          PAIN IN BODY GONE!!!!!!!    Just got an email from a man I prayed for on 5-22-2013 who was in a lot of pain.  He told me he is completely with  no pain now!!!!!     He was under a lot of stress as well, and he felt so much Peace when he left the tent!!!!!!

*           6-16-2013          BACK HEALED AT RESTAURANT!!!!          I overheard a lady at a restaurant say her back was killing her.   I asked her if I could pray for her.   After the prayer, she said she felt very good!  She said she was under a lot of stress so we released the Father’s Love into her new heart and breathed into it!   She was very happy and grateful!!!!

*         6-15-2013           “GALL STONES AND LIVER HEALED”!!!!   We prayed for for a friend for four hours.  He was in very tough shape.  That morning, his urine was red, it had some blood in it.   After taking him into the glory realm of heaven where sickness and disease do not exist, where we are seated in Christ, we prayed for his gall bladder and liver.   After we left, he called very happily and said that he felt his liver and gall badder were healed and that his urine was clear!!!!!   Praise God!!!!

*     6-16-2013          RED AND IRRITATED EYE BETTER!!!!    Prayed for a young man whose eye was watering, red and irritated.   I asked him if could pray for him, he said yes.    When he left the place, he said his eye was a lot better!!!!

*       6-14-2013          GALL BLADDER PAIN GONE!!!!!     A lady stopped by the tent with stage four colon cancer and pain in her gall bladder a couple weeks ago.   The doctors wanted to do surgery.  She had very little hope of living.  In her recent email, She said her pain is almost non-existent and that she feels better, she is not going to do the surgery and she is receiving much comfort and hope as she meditates on the heavenly realities.   PRAISE  GOD!!!!!!!

*           5-29-2013           MOSQUITOES STOP BITING AND MOUTH PAIN HEALED OVER EMAIL!!!!!!!!           Last week a friend emailed me from Venezuela saying that she had a lot of pain in her mouth and it was getting worst from all the dental work.  I emailed her a healing pray back.  She emailed me back two hours later saying all the pain was gone.   Yesterday, she emailed me saying that the mosquitoes were biting her and she asked me to pray for her.  I emailed a prayer back to her telling the mosquitoes to stop biting her.   I got a email back this morning saying the biting has stopped!!!!!!   Praise God!!!!!   He is SOOOOO   Good!!!!!!

*              5-28-2013          BACK PAIN MUCH LESS!!!!!     A neighbor has been suffering terribly from back pain.  Been on many narcotics to stop the pain.  She said she could not ride in cars because the pain was so great.   After the prayer, she said she felt much better and she has been in and out of cars!

*              5-2013              NO BACK PAIN!!!!!!      A neighbor friend of mine works construction and has been in constant excruciating back pain for over ten years.   After praying for him a few months ago, he told me he has been pain free now for the whole time since the prayer!!!!!   He feels like he has his life back.  He couldn’t play with his kids and couldn’t do a lot of things!  He is very happy!!!!

*             5-26-2013          BAD FOOT PAIN, GONE!!!!!        A young gal and her dad stopped by the tent.   She got baptized in the Holy Spirit.   When we finished blessing her, we asked if anyone in the tent had any pain.  A young man said his foot was killing him.   I asked the young gal to release the healing into the guys foot.  She was unsure what to do.  I told that Jesus had already healed him at the Cross and all that she was to do was release the healing through the Holy Spirit into his foot.   She said, “foot be healed”!    All of the pain instantly left!!!!

*           5-22-2013         FEAR, PAIN, ANXIETY GONE!!!!!   A person came to the tent who felt people where trying to poison him because he would wake up in the mornings with pain in his body.   He had a very busy mind and knew a lot of scriptures and he could not really enter into the the presence of the glory of heaven.  I asked him to turn off all the fear and anxiety and busy mind for twenty seconds, like changing the channel on a TV,  and see himself inside of Jesus’ glory.  He was able to do this, then we did again for a longer time.  He was able to experience the glory and felt very peaceful!!!!  All of the pain was gone as well!!!!   He left very happy!

*          5-18-2013           RASH GONE!!!!!      A lady stopped by the tent when her five year daughter asked her to stop so they could pray.   They had stopped by for prayer for the little girl about a month and a half ago because she had a rash on much of her back.   The lady told me that the rash was all gone when they arrived at their house that day!!!!!!

*         5-16-2013       EXCRUCIATING FOOT PAIN GONE!!!!!!     Prayed for someone who had extreme foot, back and leg pain.  He has been in severe pain for two years.  His foot pain has been so bad that he cannot drive and has been on pain pills.  He said that yesterday’s pain was the worst, he said it felt like his foot was on fire with pain.  We took him into the heavenly realm of where he was glorified, one with Jesus, and as Jesus is and where no pain existed.  He was really able to see and feel this realm of complete Joy, Love and wholeness!  After the prayer, he said he felt really, really good!  He said ALL of the pain in his foot was gone and that there was only a little pain still left in his leg and back!  I believe that pain will leave also!    PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!   He is soooooo happy, he said he had no life before and was even suicidal because of the pain and the inability to live.   He said he was going to get a Bible and get to know Jesus more!

*      5-15-2013    EXTREME PAIN IN HER FEMALE AREA HEALED OVER THE PHONE!!!       A friend called last night saying that his friend was in a lot of pain.   She got on the phone and said she was in bed with ice packs and could not move because the pain was so great.   After the prayer she really couldn’t tell if pain was gone because she didn’t want to move.   My friend called me this morning and said that ALL of her pain was gone in the morning!!!!!      No Pain in heaven!  She saw herself there pain-free!!!    PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*      5-13-2013       BROKEN  LEG, BANGED UP KNEE AND TOE!!!!   A young came into a restaurant on crutches.  I asked if I could pray for him and told him a few testimonies about broken bones being healed.  He said OK for the prayer, but said he didn’t pray very much himself, as if this would disqualify himself from being healed.  I told him that God loved him and wanted to healed him, in fact, already did at the Cross!   He was open to receive the miracle!  After the short prayer he said that his leg and knee felt a lot better, not 100%, but a lot better!   He was amazed and very happy!

*        4-29-2013       FINANCIAL MIRACLE!!!!        Prayed for a man a week ago for supernatural financial blessing.   Got an email yesterday saying that his mortgage was some how paid by the mortgage company this month.   He said, “Praise God for answered prayer.”

*         4-29-2013         ALL PAIN GONE!!!!!   An elderly lady and her daughter came to the tent.  She could barely walk because of the severe pain in her feet from gout.   She said she had cancer as well.   She had just been born again for only a couple of weeks.   She knew almost nothing of the Bible.   She entered into the presence of God, saw herself in heaven with Jesus during the prayer!   She was filled with Joy!  She saw herself completely healed, whole, full of Love and Joy seated in the heavenly realms!   She really entered into the spirit realm.  She was breathing deep breaths trying to absorb everything she was experiencing deep into her being!  I didn’t coach her in this, she just started doing this on her own.   When we got done, she was so full of Joy and all the pain in her body, including her feet was gone!!!!!!!   She was Praising God!!!!

*       4-30-2013         NO MORE BLEEDING GUMS!!!!!    The same young man whose marriage is being supernaturally and miraculously restored told me that when he received the pray for his allergies (see testimony below),  his gums that had been bleeding in the mornings for over ten years, stopped bleeding!!!  He is amazed at the glory of God!!!  He just keeps entering into the glory of the Lord, where he is also, and the miracles keep happening!   His marriage just keeps getting better!!!!     Praise God!!!!

*         4-30-2013         KNEE PAIN, GONE!!!!      A lady cashier at gas station was complaining of the pain in her knee.  I put my hand on her knee, she said my hand was very hot.   After the prayer, all of her pain was gone!!!   She had the pain for a long time and was totally amazed by God!!!!   I just saw her a week later, she said, “No Pain”!  Very Happy!!!!

*      4-27-2013     LOST CAT FOUND WHEN STARTED TO DRINK OF THE RIVER OF DELIGHTS!!!!!        One of our cats got out last evening by accident.   I was calling him home in the Spirit all night long.   I walked the neighborhood this morning with no sign of him.   I had just written today’s blog about drinking of the Rivers of the Father’s Delight.   So, instantaneously, as I sat in my chair and started drinking of His Rivers of Delights of His Goodness, I hear noise on the roof of my house and my cat “BraveHeart” walked into the house to the Joy of Joyce and my hearts!!!!    AMAZING!!!!!!

*      4-26-2013     ALLERGIES STOP AS HE ENTERS INTO THE GLORY!!!!   My friend who is the one with the marriage testimony just below was struggling real bad with allergies the other day and for the last ten years.  It has been a very bad year for allergies in Southern Cal this year!  While we eating lunch at a restaurant, we took him into the glory realm where he lives in the Spirit, where allergies do not exist and his allergy symptoms stopped.   When he wakes up in the morning since this happen a few days back, he has been entering the glory realm of heaven where he is seated with Christ, and the allergies have not come back!!!!!!    “By His stripes we have been healed”, we have been made whole as Jesus is, in heavenly spiritual realm right now!  Jesus purchased our wholeness at the Cross!   No allergies where we ARE seated in Christ in then heavenly realms!!!!  He drank of the Truth of the Spirit realm and He manifested  his healing and wholeness!!!!   “You Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

*      4-24-2013   GRIEF TURNED INTO JOY!!!!    While we were shopping in Old Town Temecula, we got to talking to one of owners of a shop.   She was still suffering from a lot of grief from when her son died a year and a half ago.   She said she had gone to counseling but the deep grief was still in her heart.   I told her about the testimony of the lady whose son had been killed and run over by multiple cars and how she was now able able to enter into Joy.   As we prayed for her, I asked her to see Jesus, she said that all she could see was Him in darkness.  WE keep speaking, releasing, and declaring the Lord’s glory to her.  She said her vision of Jesus was getting lighter.  Told her to keep looking at His glory.  Finally she could see Jesus in His radiant glory!  After a bit, she was able to see herself in the fullness of His glory with His Heart that was full of His Love, Joy and Glory!!!!   She was very thankful and happy!!!!!

*    4-21-2013    EMOTIONAL DARKNESS GONE, THEY ALL WERE FILLED WITH THE FATHER”S GLORIOUS LIGHT AND JOY!!!!!!  Prayed for about five men this week at the tent.   All of them were struggling with feeling darkness on their insides and feeling very distant from God.   Struggling at home, at the job, everywhere.    Took them into the heavenly spiritual where they are already seated in Christ and they all entered into the Lord’s glory of His Love and Joy and wholeness!!!!    One of the guys arm started to shake and he could not stop it.  I told him it was a manifestation of the Holy Spirit!   They all left very happy!!!!!!!

*     4-18-2013  ELDERLY LADY HEALED OF STAGE FOUR CANCER IN HER EYE!!!!!    Two people stopped by the tent a month or so ago, they were going to pray for their friend with cancer.  I suggested that I go with them to pray for their in person.   I went with them.  They didn’t have much hope because of the stage 4.  The lady had very little energy.  I had the lady do something she hasd never done before.  I had her close her eyes and visualize the Truth of God’s Word.   It was uncomfortable for her at first, but she tried and was able to enter in and see into the Spirit!  I had her see Jesus take all of cancer away on the cross, she herself being raised with Jesus, She herself seated in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, completely healed, healthy, full of Joy and Love.   She never saw herself or even thought of herself in heaven before.  I shared with her the verse in Colossians 3:3 that she had already died and that life was with Christ in God.   Well she got very tired entering into the Spirit realm, but she was able to see herself completely healed and sense the Love and Joy of Jesus inside of her.   Yesterday, I found out that she is completely cancer free and the doctor said she was in such good health to not come back for a year.   She is going to start oil painting again, something she had to stop when the cancer came!!!!!   Praise God!!!!!!    It honors the sacrifice of Jesus when we see ourselves healed and whole as we are with Him seated in heaven, NOW!!!!!*        4-18-2013      CONTRACTOR FINANCES INCREASES, “PHONE RINGING OF THE HOOK, MORE WORK THAN HE CAN HANDLE”.     A friend stopped by the tent a little over a week ago.    He was having a hard time paying his bills because his contractor work had just really slowed down to almost a standstill.   He had a dream and he said the Lord told him that He wanted my friend to tithe more and give a one time gift to a ministry of a rather large amount, not give it to a church.   He had no idea how this could happen since work was so slow!  We prayed for supernatural increase and saw himself in heaven where “lack” does not exist, only the fullness of the kingdom in over abounding measure!!!!   He told me yesterday that ever since the pray that the phone has not stopped ringing and has more work than he can handle!!!!   He came to believe that God has plans to prosper him!!!!  He saw himself in heaven where financial prosperity IS!!!!!!!!*       4-13-2013   TOOTH PAIN HEALED!        A lady stopped by the tent and she said the Lord told her to have me pray for her tooth and jaw before she went to the dentist.   I had just given this young friend impartation for healing.  I asked her if it was OK if my young friend who is on fire for the Lord did the praying since he just received impartation.  She said “yes”.   He prays a very short prayer. The lady said all of her pain was gone!!!!!   The man was very excited to see God move through him like that!!!!!*    4-13-2013      HEADACHE GONE!      While the young man was still at the tent, a friend of mine came to the tent to pray with me.  He said he had a headache.   The young man prays and all the headache pains is gone!!!!!!*    4-13-2013      LADY WHO WAS FILLED WITH FEAR, GUILT AND SHAMED FILLED WITH HOLY SPIRIT, HIS PEACE, LOVE AND JOY!!!!!       This family stops by the tent.  I had prayed for the husband earlier and he really saw and received the New Heart that Jesus has given to us.  He wanted me to pray for his wife as well.   She shared this extremely fearful  dream she had.   I told her that we are always to take all of our thoughts captive to the Cross of Jesus.   I felt the dream was merely exposing a spirit of fear that was inside of her.   She got baptized in the Holy Spirit and then she was able to see the glorious new heart inside of her that Jesus had given to her!  She was able to see herself gloried, perfected, one with Jesus and as He is, in the Spirit!!!  She got filled with so much Joy, Peace and Love of the Lord, she was a different person when she left!!!!!*   4-13-2013         LADY WITH CANCER AND EMOTIONAL FAMILY TURMOIL FILLED WITH PEACE!!!!!!       This lady, a friend of my wife’s, stops for prayer.  She has cancer and lots of extended family difficulties, stress and rejection.     We take her into the place in the Spirit where she is perfected, healed, made whole where sickness and disease cannot exist, glorified…… as she is in the Spirit.   She enters in to the heavenly spiritual realm very easily.  She sees herself completely healed, strong, full of Joy, Love and Peace inside of Jesus in the heavenly spirit realm.  She then sees her immediate family and then her her extended family who had been giving her difficulty.   She starts to cry as she experiences the Love of the Lord for her!  My wife talked to her a couple days later and she said she was still feeling very Peaceful!  We will hear about the report of the cancer later!*  4-16-2013       BACK PAIN HEALED OVER THE PHONE!   A friend of mine calls pretty often  to have me pray for the people he meets.  A co-worker’s of his husband had fallen off ladder I believe and in a lot of back pain.  I have him if was ready to receive his miracle, he said, “yes”.   After the prayer, he kept saying, “it’s a miracle”  he was so happy and amazed!!!*      4-17-2013       REALLY DESTRUCTIVE MARRIAGE ENTERING INTO THE JOY AND GLORY AND LOVE OF THE LORD BY THE SPIRIT!!!!!  AMAZING!!!!!!!         A young friend was really having a very, very, very difficult time in his young marriage!!!!!  It was filled with arguments!  He was ready to walk away from it.    Then he started to really take hold of the Truth that he was glorified and perfected in the heavenly spirit realm.  He saw and sees that the Father really enjoys him and his wife and celebrates them in His Agape unconditional Love!  This has been an amazing story!   He says that they are not perfect, but if one of them goes into the flesh, the other is there still in the Spirit, full of Love and Joy and Glory!  He says that most of the time, their marriage is filled with continual Joy and Love for each other!!!!!  He says his wife wants him to read the Bible to her as her spiritual leader!!!  This NEVER happened before this Holy Spirit revelation of just how much the Father celebrates and enjoys them!   He said the changed happened when he opened up his heart and set his heart on the Truth that he and his wife were already in heaven, perfected in the Father’s Love!!!!!  He used to be very intellectual, but he said now he is experiencing God at the heart level!     AMAZING!!!!!!!!   To God be the Glory!!!!*4-11-2013    VOICE HEALED FOR A PROFESSIONAL RECORDING OVER THE PHONE WITH HER MOM!        A friends daughter was going into a professional studio to record the next day but her singing voice was very tired, sore and damaged.   The daughter was in Texas and we were on the phone in California.   Her mom told me that her voice felt great the next day and was praising God to the others about God’s goodness and healing Love!   Normally, she hadn’t done too much praising God outwardly to he friends!*   4-5-2013     ONLY MISSES ONE QUESTION ON A COLLEGE TEST!
A young gal texts and asks for a “Brain Tap” because she was taking a test.  It was a World Religion class and she really didn’t want to study these other religions.  The “brain tap” is something I picked up from Dave Duell.  It is the supernatural impartation of wisdom to excel!  She only missed one question.   We have seen a lot of miracles in taking tests from this “Brain Tap”!    It is Amazing!  It is Supernatural!!!!*        April 2013    YOUNG GAL SHOULDER AND BROKEN HEART  HEALED.        I was at a Farmers Market with a friend.   I asked the cheerful cashier if she needed any healing prayer for her body or if she had a heavy or broken heart.   She said she had both.  She said her pain in her shoulder was about an 8 on a scale of one to ten.   All of her pain left, and she said she felt heat go all through her body while praying for her heart.    She said she felt Peace and Love in her heart.   I went back to the market about a week and a half later.  She said that all of her shoulder was gone and that she felt the Love God in her heart.   I asked her to be real truthful with me especially about the heart.  She said again that the burden  of her was gone and that she felt much Love in her heart!!!!!!!
*         3-7-2013       EXPERIENCES THE HOLY SPIRIT THEN GETS SAVED! A man stopped by the tent yesterday.   He just starting reading the Bible for the first time a couple of weeks earlier.  He had never read it before and had very little knowledge of the Bible from his past.  I put my hand on his shoulder and shared with him what Jesus did for us at the Cross.  After a couple minutes, I took my hand off his shoulder.  He said he felt heat go all through his body while my hand was on him.  He said he wanted Jesus to come inside of him and live in him for eternity and he got baptized in the Holy Spirit!  Praise God!!!!!*   3-5-2013          EXTREME GRIEF HEALED!!!!!   AMAZING!!!!         A lady stopped back by the tent and told me that she was doing so much better after she received prayer at the tent.    She had the look of joy in here heart!   When she came to the tent, a couple weeks earlier, she came crying in tears with very deep pain and grief.   Her son had been run over by multiple cars on the freeway and killed four or five months ago.  She had been through counseling and grief therapy, but nothing could take hear pain away.  After working with her to see her son and herself seated in Christ in the heavenly realms full of joy and Love, she started to accept the joy in the new heart Jesus had given her.   Her grief was sooooo strong, but the Holy Spirit broke through her overwhelming sadness and despair!  It was one of the most powerful miracles I have experienced!!!!     Praise God!!!!!*     3-2013        AUTO-IMMUNE DISORDER SYSTEMS GONE!!!! A gal stopped by the tent with a auto-immune disorder.   She said she was living in constant fatigue and many other symptoms for a couple of years.   Took her into the heavenly realm where she had already been healed, perfected, full of Love and His Joy and she received her healing!!!!   All of her fatigue and other symptoms have left since the prayer.*   2-2013         KNEE AND HEART GETS HEALED!!!!!!       young man stopped by and he had just gotten out of the Marines a week prior.  He was a Special Forces Marine.   A bomb blew up while in the war, and sent him flying twenty feet in the air.   He said it was a miracle that he was still alive.  He said he had like 47 pieces of shrapnel in his leg and one big piece in his knee cap.  He was in bad pain and needed surgery.   Released healing into his leg by the Holy Spirit, and all of his pain left!!!!!   He told me he has PTSD from the war and that he would get angry at random times.   Took him into the heavenly realm of peace, Love and Joy and had him see the new heart inside of himself that was full of Jesus’ Love and Joy.   When he saw that this new heart was a gift to him, he started to cry because he was so happy!  He said the healing of the leg was good and he was very grateful  to God for, it but he said the greatest gift was the  new heart!!!!  It was Awesome!!!!!*     3-2013      EXPERIENCES HIS NEW HEART AND FREEDOM!!!!     A young man stopped by and said the doctors had diagnosed him as being schizophrenic.   Took him into the realm of heaven where he was perfect in Christ, and he saw his new heart that was perfect.  He felt so much peace and Joy and  felt set free!*  3-1-2013     MANY HEALED AT HOME GROUP MEETING!!!!       Ministered at a home group meeting.  About eight people said they had pain in their bodies.  Neck, back, headaches, feet pain.   Seven out of the eight manifested their healing!!!  One of the men had bad back for a very long time.   Praise God!!!!*    1-28-2013      NO MORE NECK PAIN!!!!       I want to share a praise report…I have not had to wear my neck brace since you prayed for my healing. PRAISE GOD!  received 1-28-2013.    Prayed for her on 12-27-2012.

*       1-21-2013    ELBOW PAIN GONE!!!!       Prayed for a friend of mine who had a very painful elbow from cross country skiing.  I was telling him about all the recent testimonies of people getting healed by simply taking them in the Spirit to the place of perfection in the heavenly realms where we all live In Christ.   All of his pain left while he was in this realm!   Hallelujah!

*      1-21-2013   KNIFE WOUND PAIN GONE!!!!          Prayed for a young man over the phone in the morning.  He had painful muscle spasms in his arm where he had been stabbed with a knife.  After the prayer, all the pain disappeared.  He couldn’t believe it!  He asked, “How did you do that”?   Told him the Holy Ghost just released into his arm what Jesus did on the Cross 2,000 years ago!   My friend Scott, lead him to the Lord and he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit!
 *       1-2013       FINANCIAL MIRACLE!!!!!!          A lady stopped by the tent late.  It was already dark, I was on the phone.   She needed financial miracles.   I prayed over her and the gift of faith came over me.  I felt such assurance about the coming miracles that I told her to sleep well that night because the miracles were coming!   I received an email from her the next morning saying that the same night, someone had deposited $500 in her bank account!   She said she fell on her knees crying and thanking God!!!!    God is SOOOOO    Good!!!!!!
*      1-17-2013    BROKEN BONES, ETC  HEALED!!!!!!     This day was one of the most powerful days at the tent!   Seven people stopped by and I lead them all through the Cross to where they saw themselves in Christ, One with Christ, Glorified and perfected in Christ, seated and living in the heavenly realms, then took then to the River of Life with Jesus!  Four of the people got baptized in the Holy Spirit!  I had them all look in the Spirit to see and visualize the Spiritual Truths and then enter in with all their heart to breathe in and take in the perfect realm of heaven into their heart!  I didn’t release healing over them, just had them enter into the realm where they are already healed!
        The first young man came with a broken foot and broken toes from three days earlier.  He had one of those big, over-sized shoes from the doctor.   After the prayer, in which he went under the Spirit and fell back into his chair, he said he could wiggle his toes with no pain!  He couldn’t do that before the prayer.  Then he got up and started walking, he couldn’t believe it, All the pain was gone!!!!
        Another lady stopped by who had a lot of family problems and health issues.  Took her into the same heavenly realm of perfection, had her take it into her heart.  When she saw her family in the same place of perfect Love, Joy of God, she started to cry!  As she was leaving, she said her arthritis pain in her knees was gone!
         The next guy came had a broken leg in the upper thigh area.  He had been in a motorcycle accident about a year earlier.  The doctors had put a steel rod in his leg to try to get the bones to heal together.  This was not happening and they wanted to take out the rod, drill bigger holes in his leg, and put in a bigger steel rod.  In desperation, he stopped by the tent.  He was in a lot of pain.   After the Baptism of the Spirit, took him to the same place of perfection in Jesus.  When he opened his eyes, most of the pain was gone!   He still had slight pain in his knee.  All the pain in the thigh bone was gone!  The only time all day that I laid hands and released healing was then to his knee.  He said his pain was less than a one, just a tiny bit there!
        Then a lady stopped by who told me her story of being kidnapped and almost murdered.  Amazing story!  She got baptized in the Holy Spirit.  She experienced the power!!!    I took into the same place of absolute healing in the heavenly realm!   She had hand pain that completely disappeared!
          Another older gentleman stopped by with anxiety and panic attacks.  Took him to the same place of perfection.  Had him see everything in his life in this place of glory, Love and Joy of the Father.    He started crying and felt great relief.   Am amazing day taking people into the heavenly realm where we are seated in Christ and watching the Holy Spirit work powerfully in His people!

*    1-11-2013  FROM HATRED AND DESPAIR TO THE JOY AND LOVE OF THE LORD!!!!!      A gal stopped by the tent and came to us crying deeply and in deep pain.   Jawaid and Tammy were with me to pray for her.    She had recently gone through a divorce and the husband was not helping out financially at all.   She was left alone to care for her two kids.   She felt utterly abandoned and was filled with hatred for her ex-husband.   We prayed that God would fill her “Love-Tank” with His Love by the power of the Holy Spirit and wash away all the pain in her heart.  Tammy and Jawaid both gave her words of what they saw in the prayer time.  Really good stuff!   When she opened her eyes, she couldn’t believe what she was experiencing!  She almost fell backwards!  She everything had changed inside of her!!!  She was so happy, filled with peace, Love and Joy of the Father!  I asked her to close her eyes and now see her husband.  She couldn’t believe what she saw.  She saw him through her new eyes of Love.  She was amazed.  I asked her to try and see him in the old way, she said she couldn’t!   Praise God!!!!!!!

*    1-11-2013     JOY AND VISIONS!!!!      While praying for Tammy and Jawaid, I asked them to breathe in the heavenly realm of perfect Love, Joy, Healing;  as they are in heaven.   Tammy felt a lot of Joy and Jawaid was getting visions!   Both very encouraged!

*       1-12-2013        BAPTIZED IN HOLY SPIRIT AND FILLED WITH FATHER’S LOVE!!!!           At a home meeting, we were watching videos on Hearing the Voice of God by Mark Virkler.   After the videos, we prayed for one lady and she got baptized in the Holy Spirit and filled with the Father’s Love, and another gal got filled with the Father’s Love!   Very powerful time in the Holy Spirit!  Jawaid and Chi both gave them very encouraging words from what they saw in visions!

*    1-13-2013       FROM AGITATION TO CALM!!!!      At the hospital, I went to see his mother who was really struggling, this young man, who I knew, was very drunk, upset, and very agitated.    At first he did not want a hug (in the past he has really responded well to the Fatherly embrace), but after seeing his mom again, not doing well, he got even more upset.   I asked him to go outside and while there I asked him if he wanted one of those hugs from the heavenly Father.  He said yes.    He calmed down completely and received the Love!  It was so good!!!

*    1-2-2013        LADY ENTERS INTO THE GLORY AND HER HUSBAND WHO WAS NOT THERE, GETS OVERWHELMED WITH THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!    AMAZING!!!!!           At a home meeting, we prayed for this gal who was going through a lot of emotional hurt and pain.    We asked the Holy Spirit to minister His Love deep into her heart and to cleanse all of the hurt of the past.  The Holy Spirit came on her very powerfully and she went from pain to the Holy Ghost laughter!   So much fun!   She said her inner pain was gone.    We asked her to see her husband the way God sees him and she did.   Later that day, her husband called her and said he loved her and he said that he had a strange feeling that he couldn’t explain, but that he felt the Love of God come on him!!!!!   Hallelujah!!!!   Her daughter got baptized in the Holy Spirit as well.   Her mother also received healing of a lot of healing as the family embraced her and she received from the Holy Spirit!  An adolescent got baptized in the Holy Spirit’s power and Love!

*   On December 27, 2012, I prayed with Jerry to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  It was probably one of the best days of my life. I wanted to feel and experience God’s love for me and God met me there. I received a great Word from the Lord, which my heart needed and encouragement for my writing. To read my full testimony on how this day changed my life forever, you can check out my blog. Reborn2Write.blogspot.com

Yolanda*    12-30-2012     One of Tammy’s friends got baptized in the Holy Spirit!   She felt a lot of tingling and healing of her heart by the Father’s Love by the outpouring of His Love through the Holy Spirit!   There was a lot of deep hurt there.

*   12-27-2012      A young man and his wife stopped by the tent for prayer.  Prayer for financial breakthrough.    I received a text from him a couple days later saying he got his car fixed at no charge!

*12-27-2012      An elderly lady stopped by the tent late as I was getting ready to go home.   She walked with a cane and had a neck brace on.     As I prayed and was releasing the Father’s Love to her, she ripped off her neck brace and said all of her pain was gone, right in the middle of the prayer!  I was amazed!  She didn’t gently take it off, she more like ripped it off!!!   Some of her other pain left as well!      Praise God!!!!

*12-28-2012       My friend Scott and I prayed for this young gal who just had her gall bladder removed two weeks earlier.    She was not a Christian.   I asked her if we could bless her. She said yes.   As we were releasing the Father’s Love into her, she said all the pain in her stomach left.  She said right before she came to the tent, she was doubled over in pain!    God is Good, Mighty and Loving!  She had been studying other religions but she was so encouraged to experience God’s Love and Healing!

*12-22-2012     As Jawaid and Tammy and I were praying and fellowshipping, a young gal stopped by the tent.    She had bad stomach pain.    After releasing the Father’s Love to her and Jawaid and Tammy giving her words of they saw in the Spirit, she said she felt really good.   I asked her how her stomach felt.  She said, “Oh yeah, checked it out and said all the pain and discomfort was gone, much to her amazement!!!!    Praise God!!!!

*12-22-2012       As Jawaid and I were praying for the Father’s Love to fill Tammy’s heart, Jawaid said that all of his pain left.   He said his feet were really hurting before they came to the tent.     Tammy experienced a lot of Joy and Love from the Father!     Jawaid got some awesome visions during his prayer time!!!

*12-20-2012      I was speaking at a Christmas Banquet for Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship  group.  Before the talk, while eating dinner, this guy next to me asked me if I would pray for his two kids.  The girl was fourteen years old.  I prayed the Father’s Love and she got baptized in the Holy Spirit.  She layed hands on her dad’s very sore knee, and almost all of his pain went away.  She layed hands on his sore back and all of his back wwent away!!!!

*12-2012     A mother and daughter stopped by the tent.  The mother was elderly and in a wheel chair and in pain.   They got baptized in the Holy Spirit and filled up with the Father’s Love!   As I was explaining to the mother that she had already raised with Christ and seated in the heavenly realms, she could see this in the Spirit.  I asked her to simply breathe in the realm of perfection in heaven where she was in the Spirit that in this realm there is no sickness or infirmity.   She said she was feeling better as she was breathing in the heavenly realm of perfection but she said that her daughter was actually in more pain than she was.   I asked the daughter how she was doing.  She said she entered into the heavenly realm and could see herself glorified and completely healed there.  She said she had no  more pain!!!!    She had fibromyalgia and extreme foot pain  before coming to the tent!   They were both so happy and filled with the Joy and Love of the Holy Spirit that I asked them to pray for me.   As they were praying, the mother said she saw herself being lifted out of her wheel chair and got scared, so she opened her eyes!   AMAZING time in the Holy Ghost!!!!

*12-15-2013    Young gal had pain and cysts in female parts.    After the prayer, she has said the pain has never come back!

*     12-7-2012     Young worker at Del Taco had bad back pain.   I asked her if she wanted God to heal her.  She said “What”?    She was totally un-religious,   all of her pain left and has stayed awayed to her amazement!!!

*11-28-2012      A lady at the market hip was bothering her.  After a very short prayer, almost all of her pain left.        The same day, a worker a the Postal Annex store had two broken toes.  I asked her if she wanted God to heal her toes.  She said they were broken (like this would be too hard for God), prayed and she said all the pain was gone!     She could not believe it!   Praise God!!!!

*10-2012    While in Oceanside at a Postal Annex store, the guy behind the counter I saw had a hard time writing.  I asked him if wanted God to heal him.   He was another one who said what???  The pain in his shoulder almost completely left to his amazement!!!

*11-11-2012     After praying for this woman a church who was overwhelmed by the Father’s Love, I asked her son to come up for a hug.  After asking him again, he came up reluctantly,  He had this hard looking exterior.   The hug was like hugging a brick wall.  No emotion.    I just put my hand on his shoulder and didn’t say a word, but was releasing the Father’s Love into him.    After a couple minutes, he looked at me and said he felt really goo and peaceful!   I asked him if he would like to have that for the rest of his life.  He said yes.  He got born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit with His power and Love!!!!

*11-2-2012      Lady stopped by the tent to report that her husband got a good job!   We had prayed for this a week earlier.

*   September 2012   I saw a friend from past church at the store.    He told me that had got his job the after he stopped by the tent for prayer!

* October 2012      These two guys stopped by for prayer.  The one guy said he had been buried in a caved in trench about 25 years ago and has been in severe back and neck pain ever since.    I didn’t pray for healing, I had him see and visualize himself inside of Jesus seated in the heavenly realm.  I explained that in this realm of the Spirit, where he was literally seated in Christ, that pain did not exist, only the perfection of the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.   I asked him simply to breathe in the atmosphere of  of the perfect healing Love of heaven.   After breathing in the atmosphere of heaven, his pain went down from a 9 to a 2.   He said he would finish the rest of the healing when he got home!    I Love this one!   As he breathed in the perfect Love of the heavenly realm, he received his healing!

*   October 2012      The same type of thing happened when these two ladies stopped by the tent for prayer.   As I was praying and taking the mother into the same heavenly realm, the daughter joined us in the prayed.   I didn’t know it, but she was in severe pain from fibromyalghia.    As she joined into the prayer and saew herself in the heavenly realm already healed and was breathing the Truth of this realm of perfect Healing Love, All of her pain left!!!   She was in very severe feet pain before she came to the tent!

I could fill pages and pages of healing, but I won’t right now.    I have seen blind eyes opened, cataracts healed, macular  degeneration  healed;  A Lady with a stroke and paralysis got healed, she said the cloud that was in her mind was gone and had almost complete movement where her left side had been paralized!

An older man at the Navajo reservation said he had Alzheimer’s, he descibed it as a constant cloud in his mind.  After the prayer of the Father’s Love, he said the cloud left!

A lady in her thirties came by the same day, with the same cloud in her mind.  She said she couldn’t work because she couldn’t remember hardly anything.  I asked her when this had started, she said in her early teens.   The Spirit told me it was caused by abuse.   We asked the Holy Spirit to minister to her heart.  Jesus said that He came to heal and bind up the heart.  In the New Covenant we are given a new heart.   I ask the Holy Spirit to minister to her heart so it would be set free.  We, Kevin and I, ministered the Father’s Love to her heart.  When we got done, she said the cloud in her mind was gone!!!!  Glory to God!

We have seen deaf ears open at the Navajo Reservation.    One lady was in severe pain so that she could not work as a dental hygienist.    We ministered the Father’s Love to her, and then I offered the hug from  the Father and Holy Spirit.  It was prophesied over me that I would have a ministry of hugs that the Holy Spirit would be released into people without saying anything.   This lady stayed in the hug for about twenty minutes.  When she got done, she said she really, really good!   She just kept saying this over and over!  When she brought her dad for healing about a week later, she said she was ready to go back to work!  Her dad, who was in his eighties got his legs healed so he could get in and out of their truck without help!   He was so excited!!!   Quite a few people have been healed in this hug without hardly speaking to the pain at all!  Nothing more powerful in all of creation, than the Father’s Love!!!  Nothing!!!

While at the tent that was down the street from Inland Valley Hospital a man showed up who was desperate for healing.  He said he had just come out of a consultation with the orthopedic doctors.   He needed surgery very bad, but the doctors didn’t want to do it because I believe he said his diabetes was too bad.  He was living on pain pills and could not sleep because his pain was so bad.   I just prayed like normal asking Holy Spirit to minister the Father’s Love to his heart and then heal his back.   He said his pain level was at a 10 on a scale 1-10.   After the prayer and blessing, all  of his pain was gone!!!!   Amazing!  God is so Good!!!!

The very first person I had prayed for when I started the tent ministry over four years ago was a friend I knew casually.   He stopped by the tent and asked me to pray for his son who was in the hospital in San Diego for Hip Dyspepsia.   He was in a lot of pain!   I didn’t know that humans could get this problem.   I saw my friend about two years later and I remembered his son.   He told me that he was released from the hospital the next day that it was a miracle!  Praise God!!!!

*     A couple years ago a gal stopped by who was going through an extremely difficult court case.  Seemed like nothing was going her way, seemed like evil was triumphing,  and attorneys seemed to ignoring her.   I suggested to her that she start blessing everyone involved in the case.  She didn’t like the idea at first and everything inside of her was like screaming “No”.   But she decided to go against her feelings and bless everyone because at the Cross, Jesus removed the curse by becoming the curse so all people would be Blessed.  I asked her to come into agreement with what Jesus did for them on the Cross that this would release the Holy Spirit to really be active in the court case.  In less than two weeks, miraculously, the court case was settle even beyond what she had hoped for!!!!  She was estatic!!!

The same gal was in a very difficult situation at her job.  She had a very mean boss who was trying to get her out of her job!   I asked her to bless this boss.  Again, her emotions did not want to do this, but she understood that Jesus had already blessed this boss and that she would be in agreement with Jesus.  She started blessing her boss and was letting go of all negative thinking.  Miraculously, about two weeks later, she was offered a new job in a different department and received three pay raises!   Needless to say she was very happy!!!!

* Around June 2012         Another friend was in a insurance claim dispute.   The insurance company did not want to pay this $20,000 claim that they should pay.   There was much negativity with the contractor who was been fraudulent as well.  The situation was a mess and seemed to be getting worse.  I asked her to bless everyone involved in the insurance claim.   She had a hard time wanting to do this, but when she saw that Jesus had Blessed everyone, she decided to partner with His blessing.  She started to bless everyone.  The very next day, she received an email saying that the insurance company was going to pay for the entire $20,000 disp