My Biography

I have been leading AgapeHeart Ministries for close to nine years.

AgapeHeart exists to call people and churches to the Father’s Heart of Love through Holy Spirit and to create the environment of heaven where we are all perfected, healed, one with Jesus, glorified, where we are as Jesus is,and where we were raised with Christ and now are seated with Christ in the heavenly realms .

We have been praying, healing, and releasing the Father’s Love and taking people into the glory realm of heaven in a 10×10 easy-up tent on roadsides full-time for the last seven or more years.   AgapeHeart Ministries has been called to start a Healing Center in Gallup, New Mexico.  We went out to Gallup on a regular basis in 2014, going once or twice a month to minister.

He has seen almost every kind of healing: blind eyes opened, muscular degeneration healed, deaf ears opened, stroke systems healed, Alzheimer’s healed, pain of every type and every place in the body healed, tumors and cancer healed, hearts healed……

The ministry is to impart the Father’s Love to heal the broken and wounded heart by speaking and imparting “Zoe”, the Life of the Holy Spirit into the new heart given to us new creations in Christ Jesus and helping people to see themselves, and others, as they are, right now, in the Spirit realm.

I have ministered in Murrieta, Gallup, New Mexico; Beaumont, Navajo Nation, Lake Tahoe, Santa Maria, Nashville……

The ministry is helping people experience the Loving Presence of the Father, hear His voice, and activate them in seeing in the Spirit and encounter the glory realm, on earth as it is heaven.  Helping people experience the reality of heaven on the earth and see themselves already there in Christ Jesus as a present reality.

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